Yoga, spring bulbs, web 2.0 and more

That's a bit of a mix, I'd say. When I look at the title of this blog, it really fits my life at the moment - a bit of an oxymoron. Yoga and spirituality doesn't necessarily fit with web 2.0 and life on the internet - or does it?
But it's what I do and it feels comfortable so maybe it's the new way of life, combining the spiritual, the natural (the garden) and the technical.
The yoga - it was fun, relaxing and invigorating all at once. It's something I have wanted to do for years. I remember trying it years ago but the instructor had her own spiritual agenda that did not fit my ideas at the time, so I baled out. This time around, there is no agenda attached and as I have my own beliefs about the mind body connection, this works for me. And I like that it is beginning yoga, so if I choose to continue the practice, I will know the basic poses and the correct way of doing them so I don't hurt myself. I am amazed how stiff I was, finding muscles I haven't used in used in years.
And what is making the class even more enjoyable, is Susan joined me in the second session! It's always more fun to do things like that with a buddy.
On to the bulbs. With our very mild winter - so far - my spring bulbs are showing their little faces! The irises have been up for a while, but yesterday I was out in the garden and saw that the tulips are just breaking the soil! Now I hope we don't get some horrendous freeze that kills them off. Which could happen as we still have a couple of months to go before we are through winter. But the days are definitely getting longer, too, which is a blessing.
I am looking forward to working with the PR guys on the site. I believe that working with the people in India has been a good thing, getting the basic framework for the site up and running, and the backend all sorted, but I thing Brian and his crew are going to be able to make the site work a lot better, and improve the look and feel. I am going to work with them on this, bridging between them and the programmers, plus implementing some of the changes myself when I can. It is going to be a huge learning experience - being paid to go to school - love it! I am so glad that Annie and crew are on board with the whole thing and understand what needs to be done.
So this evening I will be online late, checking in with India, going over what needs to be done.
My other project is waiting for Scott to get back from Minneapolis where he went for his 60th - so I hope that next week, I can get the proposal on to and get that going. And I will definitely make sure the funding is in place before I do too much more.
Yesterday was curry day! Susan and Pam are coming for lunch today, and as I love lamb curry, I made a big pot of it, and it is yummy. While it was cooking, Susan called and suggested a movie - so put everything on hold and drove to Port Townsend to see Up in the Air with hunk, George Clooney. He is always a pleasure to watch - sort of like going to watch Sean Connery. The movie was good - lots of funny parts but really drove home the idea of relationships and loneliness - and it just reminded me too much of how isolated I am down here and how important relationships - romantic, family, friends - are. So that made for a bitter/sweet movie for me.  Oh and I love the song on the soundtrack, Help Yourself by Sad Brad Smith