Write a Novel? Hmmmm

Today is a bah humbug sort of day.

I am frustrated with this travel guide and know I will never do another! But I have to finish it and still have had no responses from people, hotels and restaurants down around the Columbia River Gorge and I certainly can't go there with no comped places to stay - it would cost a fortune and the publisher is certainly not going to pick up expenses! So will have to sort that one out.

Met some interesting people yesterday and as They say, there are no coincidences. These people are writers, older (yikes) than me and both make a good living doing what they love. Anna wrote her first novel just six years ago And I got an email from John Rousemaniere who wrote The Annapolis Book of Seamanship which is almost a bible in the boating world and also writes at least one book a year, making a good living. So these people are doing what I believe I can do.

But writing a novel is something I have never explored - for some reason I've felt that maybe I don't have the imagination to write fiction. It's also an unknown format - how do you even start putting it together? So I started looking online and there is all sorts of info and suggestions on how to get started. First of all, do I have any sort of plot line in mind? Hmmm - and characters? Well, I sure have known a lot in my life time so I shouldn't have too much difficulty there.

It's definitely something to think about.

Any comments?