Winter Solstice

Up here in the cold, dark north, this is a major turning point. We know that from today on, days will slowly get longer, the dark won't be so dark, the sun will change its arc in the sky. We still have long, cold rainy days ahead, but in less than two months, we can start planting seeds for spring and summer veges. We can start looking at seed catalogs and remember the wonderful sunny summer days and plentiful harvests. And days that start at 3:30 am and end after 10 pm. Heaven!
But for now, it is still hunker down time, and I am so grateful that I am soooo busy I don't have time to look outside and see the sleet and rain. But I do enjoy the sound of the rain on the metal roof at night, when I go to bed. I imagine myself in the tropics, in a little house with a red tin roof, beside the sea. I can see myself there, so I know it will happen.
The business is up and running. We missed the Christmas rush - and though it would have been wonderful to get all the orders, I am glad we were late launching so that we have been able to work through some of the glitches of a launch. The site is working well now although there is a lot of fine-tuning to do. Hopefully we will have a PR company come on board at the beginning of the year to assist with that. I sure have learned a lot - it's the nut university :)
I found that the stress of the last couple of weeks took quite a toll on my health - I looked like death warmed over for a few days. But now that things have slowed down and working better, I am doing better. But it is just a reminder that I have to really be cognizant of what I am doing and put my health ahead of everything - and everyone - else. Time to be selfish!