Winter is here

Damn, and I thought summer would last forever! I really can't complain as we have had the most beautiful summer and really, even the autumn is wonderful. Of course the news media is making a huge thing of three days of rain, which we needed. But you would think we were having floods or something equally as drastic. Driving around is gorgeous - the trees are all turning and with the autumn light, they glow. 
I have almost completed mounting the weather station that I gave Chris two years ago that has been sitting in the cupboard. It is out on the deck railing; I need to figure out the anemometer today. Some jury rigging required, but I think I have all the bits needed now. But the rest of the instruments are working. It's wireless so the main control is in the house and shows rainfall, barometric pressure, temperature and humidity, and when the anemometer is hooked up, wind speed and direction. Plus forecast! And I think I can create my own weather station on the internet. Now I just need an outdoor web cam, so when I am miserable about the snow, sleet and ice, you can see what it really looks like! When it is all set up I will post a pix.
I had to go to Tacoma yesterday and went to my favorite shop - which I didn't know was so close (hour and 15) away. Trader Joes! And it is a new store, big and bright with all the wonderful natural foods. Great cheeses, great prices! And of course, Two Buck Chuck wine, but it is actually Three Buck Chuck here in Washington!
The site is coming along well, I have had my nose in spreadsheets, working on pricing. Fortunately, Ryan has set up the formulae to do that but it is a lot of data entry and I go buggy looking at numbers for long periods! Not my favorite thing to do, but part of the deal. The garage is empty and now I must really clean it to get rid of any residue dust and then I am going to rent a paint sprayer and spray the whole thing which, if there is any dust left, will encapsulate it into a non-skid finish! The actual company should be official in the next few days, then I will be able to open the bank account, order labels, etc. So it is pretty exciting. I really like the site design, but Ryan wasn't thrilled with the logo so we will be seeing some options tomorrow. 
It is interesting working with India. The Project Manager is extremely well spoken, and responsive to all my requests. Time differences can be challenging; they are 12 hours ahead so there is not a lot of overlap, but so far it is working well. They just had a long weekend - Diwali - and he was surprised I knew what it is. 
I woke up way early today - 4:30 - even the kitties weren't that anxious to go out! Dark and cold, but the heater works wonderfully, and I am getting a quarter cord of wood for emergencies.