Winter in April

Sheesh! I thought we were done with all the miserable winter weather, but noooo! Yesterday blew those hopes away.
I woke up to a howling gale and torrential rains, which quickly turned into snow. Not just little snowflakes but big, fat, sticky ones that hung around for half the day! They were flying sideways across the deck, mixed in with flower petals from the fruit trees that really took a beating! Even the kitties, who always dash out in the morning, refused to go out and stayed inside the entire day.
And then, even though it stopped snowing, the rain and wind continued to torment us until it blew the lights out around 5. Bam! Everything off! So much for a quiet evening watching a movie.
But I actually enjoyed it. Fired up the airtight stove and got the house all toasty warm, and I was really glad I had bought a quarter cord of wood in the fall, just for emergencies. Set a pot of water on top for tea which came to a boil really fast! Without the constant electrical hum, it was absolutely silent except for stove crackling and the wind gusts, which finally settled down.  And candle light is so relaxing. I had planned to go to bed early anyway, so took several candles upstairs and read for a while before nodding off in the silence.
This morning everything is back on, so have been going around setting the clocks - looks like the power was off for about six hours! 
Kangen WaterI spent most of yesterday working on my Kangen Water business, which was quite productive and I am convinced that this is the way to a retirement for me. Not only will it generate a good income, but I can do it from anywhere in the world, which is SO important to me. I actually don't like using the word "retirement," I don't think I can ever do that, at least not like generations before me. I love being busy and having a challenge, which is what this and the nut business is. 
And talking about nuts, the media blitz will start soon, and the pitches to all the tv, radio and magazines hopefully will generate a lot of business. I had to write a bio on me the other day so wicked-pr can send it to AARP - ha! never thought I would be so old that old people would be interested in me! But time marches on, so might as well get on the ride!