Winding Down

Just a week left here in New Zealand. Time has flown by and now I am winding down, getting ready to leave next week. It's really hard to believe I have been here for 2 1/2 months! And even though we haven't wandered far from Tauranga, we have done and seen a lot of stuff! Definitely keeping it local, something that I am working on in my grannytravels blog - which is not up to date because we have been so busy. A catch22! Last week, Zoze and I went back down to Rotorua so I could meet with the people from Volcanic Air Safaris for a Harbors article about the old 1954 deHavilland Otter float plane. They are such nice people and ... drum roll ... I went for a flight up and over Mount Tarawera, the volcano that wiped out Rotorua in 1886. New Zealand is so scenic and viewing it from on high is even more spectacular! I flew right seat which is always a thrill and Angela, our pilot is really good - ex-Air Force - and gave a commentary the entire trip. So I feel very lucky to have been able to do that.


Yesterday, Jenni, Zoze and I went to Looking Glass Gardens, a rather strange place! I definitely admire what these people have done with the difficult, steep hillside. And all the plantings, trees and flowers, but I kept wondering WHY? The concept around the development is to make it a Wonderland, like in Alice in Wonderland, with nursery rhyme themes throughout. There were areas for trolls, and the Three Pigs houses. Little Miss  Muffett was there too, or at least the tuffett and a metal-sculpture of the spider. Stone sculptures of the Trolls, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and many more are scattered around.

But to me it felt random! Maybe I have gone beyond the fantasy land stage of my life! There is too much reality looming - like the resurrected law suit my *^%$^&  ex has filed against me so that I have to go back to Washington to take care of it. But even that should be relegated to fantasy land  as I cannot figure out what it is he wants. Maybe his third lawyer will be able to clear up some of the confusion, because the whole idea (or what I have been able to deduce so far) is completely illogical. If he is looking for money out of it, surely he knows he is barking up the wrong tree?

My new throne

But he has pulled this sort of stunt before when he sued his father to sell his house that he had designed, built and lived in for years. There was money in it then for Chris, but from me? What a laugh!

So when I get back, I will spend a few days with Ryan, the, fly to Washington via Montana, where I will spend three days with Cody, Mel and the little boys. From there I am flying to Seattle and will drive up to Port Townsend and take up Mardelle and Jim's offer of B&B (as Mardelle calls it, Bed and Booze!) and deal with whatever I have to from there.