When it rains, it pours

Yesterday was a sad day...my laptop crashed and burned, with not hope of resuscitation. The fan had been working very hard, so thought I had better have it checked out. I got a call that it needed to be replaced but was going to be expensive, and that the laptop didn't warrant spending a lot on it. Get a laptop cooler, they said. $30 should keep it running for a while. Half an hour later, they called and said they had tried to restart but it appeared the hard drive was fried, and couldn't see anything. Fortunately, I had taken all my photos off and loaded then on external drives. I did that the day I took it in - so at least they are safe.

So now I am reduced to using an ancient G4 Mac that has no graphics programs, no word processing for goodness sake, no sound and is as slow as molasses. But the checkbook has no room for a new computer and Ryan says he has one down there that I can use. So will make do.

I've spent the last few days getting ready for a garage sale - Chris left so much "stuff" it's ridiculous. So sorting through and figuring out what to charge is taking a long time but I think (hope) it will be worth it. There are going to be a couple of other sales on the street so we hope for a good turnout. Especially if the weather cooperates. The last weekend before I leave here, I will have another sale and hopefully get rid of everything else here and what's left will go to the Goodwill or on freecycle.

Hinckley and I went for a "spin" this evening - it is so calm out there and super high tide. Buddy sat on the dock and watched, but wouldn't set foot in the kayak. Weather is still holding though I have had to have the heater on in the morning. Trees are turning so it's very pretty. But it is a sign of what's to come. And I don't want to be here when that happens.

I have found a couple of guest houses for rent down in N. County San Diego and will go to see them next week when I head south for Oliver's first birthday. The one in particular looks really nice and in quite a rural area near where Cody used to live. Both are freestanding units and the guys I talked to about them seem very nice. I hope there will be a couple more properties to look at too.

Anyway, tomorrow I will go through the house and put price stickers on everything. Chris wants Bill to have "the chair" as I am not towing a trailer or taking any furniture with me. He says it is "keeping it in the family." Bill fell off a ladder last night - and it makes me even more cautious of doing things like that on my own. He is OK, just bruised badly, but it could have been a lot worse. So now, when I go kayaking, I call Susan and tell her I am heading out and then check in when I get back. I feel a bit silly doing it, but we are so remote down here - if I didn't come back in no one would probably notice for days!