What I want

I know from past experience that when I ask for something from the Universe, I get it. It may not come in exactly the format I expected but it always shows up.

I have been slack in asking recently, just moaning about what I DON'T want and that's what I got too. So here is my want list, I can ask out loud, which I have done and I can put it out in the internetsphere for all the world to know. And maybe get more exposure :)

  • I want to socialize, have friends and family around

  • I want to cook and entertain friends and family

  • I want a steady stream of income that allows me to go to visit family wherever they are and to be able to send them tickets to visit me if I end up living far away from them

  • I want to live where the sun shines ninety percent of the year

  • I want to live where it’s warm

  • I want to be able to go barefoot year round

  • I want to be able to swim in a warm sea every day

  • I want the air to smell like flowers

  • I want to be able to leave my windows open all day and night to smell the fresh air

I'm sure I'll be adding to my want list but this is a start