What a Mission

They say you are only given as much as you can handle - I cry uncle!

I know I put my head in the sand, Queen of Denial, while I was in SouthAfrica, but for goodness sake, enough already. It seems like as one thing gets handled, another pops up that needs attention. And these are not small issues - lost tenants, attorneys, audits, property listings and it goes on and on.

One huge good thing is the weather has been phenomenal. Those gorgeous northwest days when the sun comes up at 4 am and it stays light til 10. Skies so blue it hurts and colors that pop. I had to go to Port Angeles the other day and driving through the trees, every shade of green glowed and the road - the highway - was lined with white daisies, purple, pink and white foxgloves and yellow dandelions. The mountains, with hardly any snow on the tops, were smoky blues, folding into the distance. These are the days when visitors go, "oh this is so beautiful, lets move here!" HA! Wait til winter. But for now, with temps in the 70's during the day and 50's at night, it can't be beat.

The garden is back to semi-normal after the neglect while I was gone, but my veges took it in the shorts. So I am going to pull everything out and break down the beds. Sad, but it's too late to plant anything else and what is left is in bad shape.

I have redone the house listing and it will also be listed for rent, one of the decisions I have had to make. And then it's anyone's guess where I will go - back to SA? To SoCal? It all depends on work and earning some money. I can work part-time for Scott but that is not enough to live on in this country and finding another part-time job is like pulling teeth in this economy. There is another faint option out there but am not saying anything or I might jinx it.

So it is all out there in the Universe, waiting to settle into some sort of order.

Second round of treatment is going well. And I am drinking Kangen water an ionized, ph balanced water that will help get my system to an alkaline state. It is also a detox which I noticed right away.