What a Day!

This morning is phenomenally beautiful! Sun just came up and casts that wonderful golden light on everything. The trees are lit up, glowing and casting reflection onto the still water. It is super high tide, with the dock ramp above parallel which doesn't happen very often. I might even go kayaking later when the temperature gets to about 50F.
This winter, so far, has been so mild except for the one freeze at the end of November. And I was reminded on the news this morning, that exactly two months from today, spring will officially be here! But I am afraid that this weather has fooled mother nature and our trees which are budding, and bulbs that are shooting up, will get blasted by another cold snap. But we'll hold warm thoughts. Pretty soon I can start my spring vege seeds and build some planter boxes.
I never thought, really, that I would become an "almost" webmaster. Not that I am making huge changes or anything to the site, but I sure am learning a lot! Sitemaps, google webmaster tools, xml files, .tpl and .php files, where they live on the site and root folders and how to get to pages, and how to fix minor things without screwing up the entire site! I think that, although I prefer to think of myself as a creative soul, my logical brain must be quite good as I actually can see how this all comes together! Maybe my right and left brains are balanced! And of course, taking brain pills helps.
Scott is working on getting the site stuff ready and funded so we can move on that. I have been checking out flip page magazine software and systems and tried one yesterday which is way cool! Much better than the original one, but of course, a lot more money but I believe the ROI will be better as it has so many features to allow dockside to charge for features, like adding video and audio and forms etc. Plus this company provides training, which the other didn't. So I just have to wait and see what he decides - or more, what the investors want.
Yoga yesterday! I love it and wish it was more than twice a week. But I think that once I am comfortable with the poses and know that I am doing them correctly so I don't hurt myself, I will do more at home. It does cut into the day though, but I don't feel too bad about it as I am up so early to work with the fellows in India, and then in the evening so I always put in more than an eight hour day.
OK, off I go for a walk in the sun! What  a treat.