We are technically live - but there are glitches and now I wish the guys were not in India! I suppose I should have been prepared for some things to not work, but everyone is so anxious to get it up and running so have felt very pressured and now this. Oh well, can't do much about it until they get to work in a couple of hours.

Susan came down this morning to help me getting the first order out. I had hoped to get it done yesterday but finally managed to prepare the mixes last night. Then we got going this morning filling the bags and making the gift baskets. I sure enjoyed having the moral support and it was quite fun. We brought everything into the house because the garage was so cold, but by the end of it we were pretty warm! The house looked like a bomb hit it, with squiggly stuffing stuff all over the place, and discarded paper and a few nuts here and there. But we got it done. Then I tried to get them to the Fedex place by five but just as I got to the bridge, it closed! So the packages will go out tomorrow.

Weather has changed; it's not quite so bitterly cold (above freezing now) and it is raining. They threatened snow and some places got some but not us, thank goodness! It's enough being cold - I don't need to schlep around in snow too. But I suppose it will happen eventually. 

But it's only a week until the days start getting longer and just a few weeks before I can start vege seeds, so there is hope!