Weekend is Here

This morning was cool and gray but I took myself out for a walk along the beach as the clouds burned off. bogarts-coffee-shop

During my walks the last few days, I've been eyeing a cute cafe on Ocean Blvd and decided this morning to treat myself to coffee and a bagel at Bogarts Coffee House. I especially like that they serve organic coffee and my latte was delicious, as was my bagel and cream cheese.

My camera is impressive - the image here is completely untouched. A straight from-the-camera shot. The controls are simple and easy to operate. So am thrilled and will be using it a lot!

Tomorrow, Les is throwing a belated Mothers' Day Brunch as he had to work last weekend and also wasn't feeling so hot. So tomorrow, I'll head up to Encino and leave some of my stuff in the garage that I won't need in Washington - like summer clothes! Which leaves not a lot of stuff to take north. Oh well, as long as my feet are warm, I'll survive!