web 2.0 and more

Ryan thinks I should write a blog about being 60 and creating a web 2.0 site! I guess most people who are involved in the new web are very young and hip and here I am, an old beater putting together a hot site! It is definitely a challenge... things are not as simple as they used to be and there is so much more technology now. In the days of quokka, we were on the leading edge of what was to become 2.0 - but we were way ahead of our time. Too bad, I could have been a millionaire. But working there and working with the whacky tech people has definitely helped me keep ahead of most of my age group. Though there were a couple of years there where I didn't do anything "internet" and so lost some momentum.

Now I am catching up and finding it as fascinating as ever...not that I would ever want to be a programmer or anything like that...my role is definitely project manager, with enough knowledge to be dangerous! So I am in the process of planning out the site, but think it will be better to use some off the shelf software and have a programmer/designer tweak it to suit what we want. That is going to be the biggest hurdle; the rest of it is getting bank accounts set up, licenses, supplies and vendors. And as we want to launch the first part of November, there is a lot to do.

And along with this, I am really excited about the Kangen water. It is helping me so much I just want everyone to have it. When I was in California last week, I had water most of the time, by going to the company headquarters and filling up some jugs. But I ran out the last day and by the time I got home had a raging headache. The microclustered water carries more oxygen to the brain and that helps me - along with the brain pills! I spent yesterday at a seminar about the water and am amazed at how the doctors are using it in their practices. We heard a lot of testimonials from people who are benefiting from using it - cancers shrinking, depression gone, strokes averted, arrythmias stopped...the list goes on. So I am learning a lot about it and hopefully can share it with people.

The weather is exceptionally beautiful today - just got back from kayaking, wearing shorts and a tank top and it's mid-September. But the trees are turning and as soon as we lose the sun, the chill sets in. I picked more tomatoes...they just keep producing in the sunroom but I expect that in a week or so, they will start to die back. Now that I am going to be staying here for the winter, I'm sad I tore out my garden, I would be eating lots of kale and brussels sprouts about now. Oh well...

Yes, I made the decision to stay here as the house has not rented and I can't pay rent down there as well as here and if I did rent something down south, it would be so small I wouldn't have room for all the product we need for the site. So I will grit my teeth and keep my head down and stick it out and hopefully by next year, the business will be doing so well, we can rent a warehouse and I won't have it in the house and I can move.

What's funny is that I had a garage sale, with the intention of selling everything and was quite successful - so now I will have to go and buy a dining room table and chairs and rug - I never really liked the table so I'm ok with that! I did look at a little place in Vista. It was very cute, a stand alone little granny cottage in a nursery, but I would have been running into the same issue I have here - it was remote and it would have been lonely and also there would have been no room to run the biz so that went out the window. VirginAmerica has cheap fares through the end of the year so I hope I can grab a few days here and there and go down and thaw out and see everyone.