web 2.0 and beyond

This is a steeep learning curve! I thought I was pretty up on what is going on in the online world, but boy - this is eye opening.

I have never seen so many acronyms, I have to keep googling them to find out what they mean, and then google more or go to a wiki to get a description of what it REALLY does/is!

But hey, it's a job and I am making headway. Today I posted the ad on elance.com and pretty much before I was done there were people contacting me about it. But I think I found the group and they are in India. I did a lot of research before posting, and sent the job description to them, now I just hope they respond. I don't really like to outsource, but when I look at the big picture and the budget I have to work with, and what we want the site to do, this is the only way. People in the US charge upwards of $50 and hour and India is around $15. I'm no rocket scientist, but this makes sense to me. I just hope I will be able to understand them when I talk to them! The accents can be quite strong even though I should be used to them, coming from KZN!

Finding the actual product is actually quite a challenge as the bulk will be rather large so shipping/freight is adding to the bottom line. Look at this, biz speak! haha. Wait, maybe that's taking away from the bottom line? Oh well, I am not an accountant (or a rocket scientist so what am I) but I have Quicken to sort that sort of stuff out.

It just started to rain, and it has been cold all day (a slipper day, but still the summer slippers) and I have had the heat on. And it blew like stink all day too. Even the kitties weren't impressed. Susan came down with a table for me, seeing as I sold mine in the garage sale as I was expecting to be gone! And we moved the rest of the furniture I was selling from the garage back into the house. So I live here again. I realize too, that I got rid of all my winter clothes (but they were all too big for me anyway) so I have to get a new coat and boots and the whole nine yards - Goodwill here I come - or at least the consignment stores as it is going to take me a while to get back on my feet.

Ryan sent me a Mac to use after my laptop crashed and burned, and I now have Skype and have been so happy to have long conversations with the family in South Africa and Betsy down in Uruguay! What a blessing it is - now at least I can talk to people from this edge-of-the-world place. It is so beautiful here but so lonely; I am really grateful for the job or I think I would go over the edge! And the water here is c-o-l-d and I don't want to do that.

Tomorrow morning I know my email will be full of responses to the ad - from India so I am really going to be busy. And I have to go to the accountant to get my taxes done and then a Kangen water meeting in the evening. And I must pack up what is left from the garage sale to donate to Rotary for their Big Garage Sale this weekend.

Skype me - heysooooos