Today was a phenomenal walk! It is an amazing morning and I started out quite early.

Shorts, light shirt and windbreaker to start. A crystal clear sky, very low tide and warm

Down by the old ferry dock, there must have been ten people digging clams (I'm sure they were over their limits) but it's not often that the tide is out this far. The instead of walking along the road, I went down onto the sand spit out to the island. Of course, no one around, just masses of birds - kingfishers, killdeers, Canadian honkers (they have only lost one baby since I last saw them) seagulls, herons, crows, and other un-named ones.

The sand is covered with clam shells and oysters, pebbles and seaweed, and undulates with captured ponds and little rivulets. I stayed mostly on the higher banks, but wandered down to the water, chasing the feeding birds away. They were feasting on baby crabs! The bottom was seething with tiny ones, all the way from pinky finger nail size to kruger rand size. They were hiding under old clam shells, hiding in snails shells and slipping through the seaweed. The water is so clear they are easy to see when you stand still and focus through the surface. Lots of little fish, too that could be tidepool sculpins. All along the exposed sand, I saw spurts of water from clams, some quite high, about two feet! So they must be enormous!

I got to thinking about how lucky I am to have this so close to me. Summer really is a beautiful time up here.

Tomorrow I will take my camera - we are supposed to have a few sunny days. What a difference that makes to my outlook. My words don't do it justice.