Voice found

So now I have a "kid" voice for ecology.com - it was a challenge, but after several iterations, I got it. Now I have a series of articles to do, basically rewrites of existing, dense pieces to make them kid friendly. My current one is all about algae! It's like going back to school, as I am finding it is actually easier to write these things from scratch, rather than trying to edit down, and totally rework. Doing it this way entails a lot of research, but it's a lot of fun! This is a perfect set up for me. Part-time, anywhere-I-am work. Exactly what I want for Bocas, or wherever I end up. Be out and about in the early part of the day, home and working in the heat of midday, then out and about in the evening coolness. Just perfect.

Had a great weekend, weather-wise. A typical summer in the NW kind of weekend, with sun! Yes it actually was out for two whole days! Went crabbing both days, snagged seven beautiful, big Dungeness. For the first time, we trapped a lot of females, which of course we threw back. Got to keep those girls producing!

Went out crabbing again yesterday, snagged four more good ones - but they are a lot of work if you don't eat them right away. It entails cleaning them, then cooking them. Then the "fun" part, cracking them and extracting all the meat, then pressing the cleaned meat into cupcake pans, freezing, popping the frozen serving size portions out of the pans and then into vacuum-sealed bags for long-term freezing. Takes ages! And my fingers are cut up from the sharp shells. But still definitely worth every morsel!

Because November and December are getting into tourist time in Bocas del Toro, I have decided to go down earlier, mid-October. But will go to Southern California first for a couple of weeks to see all the kids and leave from there. That makes it only two months before I go. Time to get things in gear and start getting rid of stuff. Clothes, junk, organize paperwork, decide what goes and what goes into the rubbish bin.

I travel light.