A Very Productive Week

This has been a  busy but overall, very productive week - and the weather has been so wonderful. Sunny, warm, clear. All I need now is warm water!

It is Cody's 33rd birthday today and I remember it like it was yesterday. Mum was here helping me. We were in the house on Ramona Way, the one that Randy still lives in. And I can remember the contractions started around mid-day and Mum saying, "Shouldn't we get going?" and responding not yet. We left the house around 2:30 and Cody was born I think before 5! I remember first seeing him, and thinking,"He looks just like Dad!" I was so happy he grew out of that look fast and turned into the handsome young man he is today.

The house in Port Angeles is rented. The people seem really nice and want to do all the work on it and who am I to say no! I quickly made a deal with them and they are doing all the painting, including pressure washing the exterior and painting it. That was something I hadn't planned to do until next year, after I had saved up to pay for it! So all in all, they help me out and I help them out! So it's all good.

Next, I am going to see if I can rescue the condo.

Last weekend was the Jefferson County Fair and that has turned out well, as well, with three very good contacts. They already came into the Hydration Station and signed up for the 30 day trial we offer. Today and tomorrow I will be here at the store and it's super to have the doors wide open, even though it is quite hazy today with smoke from the enormous wild fire on the other side of the Puget Sound.

I spent some time cooking too, using some of the very bountiful tomatoes out of the sunroom. The tart I made had to be the best ever! Slow roasted, garlic and basil coated tomatoes, goat cheese and more basil. It was to die for! So the next tomato picking is this weekend and will duplicate the tart - and this time measure the ingredients so the recipe will be correct for 'the book.' You should be able to see the pictures here.