Up and running


This has been quite a mission, but I can claim success today.
The site went live on Monday, softly! Of course there were glitches and more challenges, and every time something got fixed, it seemed to affect something else that then didn't work! But it looks like the main structure is functioning now. So now comes the fine tuning.
The next project is to go through the social networking side of things, which is a ready made platform that has been customized for us, and redo all the email responses, and personalize it more. There is a huge manual that goes with it that I have to go through, step by step. And I have to organize all the business end of things, filing systems etc., which is not my favorite thing to do.
And of course, pack nuts to fill orders in the Nut Packer Suite. Then pack in the shipping boxes and send out Fedex.
The house looks like a bomb hit it as I have done nothing in here for the last couple of weeks. It seems like I am doing 16 hour days, up at 4:30 to talk to India and not getting to sleep until 11 or so after checking in with them again, as it is their morning! So it's time to get things back to a more normal schedule. I need more sleep.