Tropical Diseases

Tomorrow is a big day - I get to visit the tropical disease doc who quite possibly will find out what the hell has been bothering me for nearly three years. This is one of the reasons I came over. Blood tests and results in about 10 days, then treatment if needed. Maybe I can get to the root of the problems. At first it sounded as if I was going to have to go to Jo'burg on Friday and we were trying to figure out the best - and cheapest way to do it but then it turned out I could go to Durban for the initial consultation and have the blood drawn there which made everything much simpler, and a lot less expensive. Debbie really helped me out by using her connection to get me in so quickly.

Spent the morning with Zoze, went down to Pinetown, they bought a TV as they are more or less moved into their little place. We were going to go for a walk, but I was feeling sort of punky so came back to Biff's and worked on the site a bit. The stress that I am feeling is from Scott and his lack of paying me for the work I did. I am just so pissed off at him.

Anyway, went outside a while and picked up all the macadamia nuts that had fallen. They have to dry a bit before they can be cracked. It's quite a mission to do that - you need to find a nice little rock with a hollow in it to put the nut in, then a hammer to whack it! But they are soooo worth it.

Tonight Biff and I are going to dinner at his partner's house. I haven't met them but they sound nice. I talked to my old childhood friend Graeme yesterday. He lives in Jo'burg and hopes to be able to come down for a quick visit. He has a completely different view of where this country is going. He is very optimistic and thinks the new government will do very well. It all remains to be seen.