Travels with Susan day 2

It was wonderful to finally get to Durban and feel the warm air as I got off the plane. It was nine in the evening and about 70, warm by Port Townsend standards. The plane was parked out on the tarmac and as I walked towards the terminal, I looked up to the observation deck - and there Mick and Debbie!

Got my bags as quickly as possible and headed out of the baggage claim area - there they all were - Mick, Biff and Zoze and Debbie. I had hoped they would all come but wasn't sure if they would - or could! I really didn't give them much notice.

A quick cup of coffee and Zoze and Biff left - Zoze and Bryan are at Biff's until they move into a cottage next week, and Mick and Debbie and I headed home.

I thought I would sleep like a log, but I hardly slept at all. I think it must have been the coffee so late in the day. My mind was churning and I ended up getting up around 6:30 local time.
It's mid- afternoon now and I am trying to make it to bed time without napping.

Tomorrow we are going down to Biff's for lunch. Should be fun.