Total Immersion Web 2.0

This is total immersion in web 2.0

I have spent this rainy day in front of my computer, surfing the web looking at sites to find the look and feel that I want. Wow, there are some very cool sites out there! I decided that from the responses I got to my job posting, that I was expecting too much and that my original idea of integrating two scripts, a social networking one and a shopping cart application, is the way to go. I had been wading through the 30+ I had received, looking at their portfolios and it was mind boggling. And expensive! So I amended my original post and submitted another, specifying what my amended requirements are. 

I haven't had as many responses but I expect I will have more overnight as a lot of the bids come from India. I did have a long IM (instant message) with one of the bidders in India. So I think it will work a lot better.

I've also been on the phone with suppliers and am refining who I will use.

This is turning out to be a fun project and it is really is tweaking my brain at times. I get the big picture of how things work, but the intricacies elude me sometimes, and I really have to stop and think in small, logical steps to see where something is going, or what it does. It's like learning a new language, and getting beyond the conversation stage, and heading into grammar and declensions. But things are starting to make more sense and soon I will be able to hand the project to the designer/programmer and then I just need to know that it works. Don't tell me which joomla is going to going to perl down to the drupal!

Now it's time to give my brain a break and go watch the boob toob.