Today I went Hollywood

I almost went the full Monty but decided I'd better do some work, so told Tate, Ryan's room mate that I would have him do my hair next time I was down - it was going to be something that gave my hair more "depth" and "sparkle" meaning some highlights and a different cut!

But I did do a spray-on tan! And I must say, it looks really good! Les has started a little business where he goes to people's houses, sets up his booth, and spray tans people. It's like airless painting; first you have to really exfoliate and after the session, wait for about 8 hours then you can shower. The tan last about a week. It's all organic and the stuff works with a chemical in your skin to turn brown. It fades as your skin sloughs off over time.

So I will arrive in Washington looking like I spent a week in the Caribbean.

Tomorrow is a morning flight back to Seattle and the cold - ick!