This is amazing!

I just got back from a lovely walk on the beach in balmy sunshine! It is so warm I didn't need a jacket and here it is, the middle of January, our worst month! I have the doors open, and the heat off! I'm loving it! Of course, I know it won't last but I am certainly making the most of it. Even the birds are fooled! They were all out chirping away - poor things are in for a shock in a day or two. And the plants are being fooled as well! My iris are up and even some primroses are trying and this sun and warmth is really going to screw them up.
With the low tides during the day at the moment, the beach is a wonderful place to walk. I think it's about a mile and a half of beach walking out to the sand island and back. It's littered with clams and clam shells and flocks of Canadian geese lined the water's edge. They look identical to the Egyptian geese in South Africa - and are as noisy and messy! But it's fun to see them and lots of other water birds along the shore. Of course, seagulls predominate but there are also the golden eyes and mergansers, plus the big blue herons. I didn't see any today, but often the bald eagles are out fishing too, or hanging out in the trees along the shoreline. Really a beautiful place and so peaceful. Although the sounds of the water are not the crashing surf sounds of Clansthal, the gentle lapping and swish is very soothing and stress relieving and I always feel so much better after walking there - but during the winter I seldom get the chance, as we don't get days like these very often.
The site has a bit of a new look! We have more of a call to action on the front page so hope that will help with the sales. Ryan put it on stumbleupon yesterday and we got 1000 visitors - but not enough orders. Check it out and click the thumbs up button, and make us a favorite! It's all part of the viral marketing and it appears to be working - even though our "campaign" on SU is done, we are still getting a lot of hits and people are joining us on twitter and becoming fans on the mymixednuts facebook page!
I am starting to put together the next project - mostly in my head at the moment! I was walking and working at the beach! It's for Dockside, getting the magazine online as a flip page magazine and also the complete website with forums, blogs etc. A much bigger site than originally planned so will most likely use the same people in India but plan to put it out to bid on elance so they know they have to be competitive. I don't think it will be quite as complex as the nut site, but I am sure there will be challenges with it, too.
Yesterday was a huge hurdle for me - I actually went into the backend of the web site and made changes to the coding - and they worked! I was scared that I might screw something up but it all worked although there was one change I made that turned the site into a mess! But I before I made any changes, and as I went along, I copied and pasted the code into word, so with the big screw up, I quickly deleted everything and replaces with the old code I had saved, then went back in and found what I had done wrong, and next time, it worked! Whew! Fortunately, I did all this before we had all the 1000 visitors!