This is all wicked stuff :)

Well! They say keeping your mind active keeps you young! I think I am 20 again :) Maybe my mind, the rest? Well, we won't talk about that. 
Working with the wicked_pr guys is really interesting. It is SO good to get a different take on the site, getting more eyes on it. I've mentioned before that I have felt like I am working in a vacuum, with very little feedback, and I know from writing and editing, after you have looked at something, whether it's text, images or a web site, after a while, you become so familiar with it, that you don't see what is actually there and glaring mistakes or missed opportunities get by you. So all the suggestions and input is wonderful.
Now I am working through the doc Charles did and distilling it down to make sure I understand what it is that we are going to do and have both Charles and Brian go over it. Then I will work with the group in India who will make the changes. 
It's all good stuff!
I love yoga! But I had no idea how stiff I am! I've never been a limber person. I think that all my swimming in those early years lengthened my muscles but did nothing for flexibility, so I am really having to work at some of the poses! Or should I say, contortions! But pretty soon I will know the basic poses and be able to do them correctly so will feel more comfortable doing them at home without hurting myself. 
It's also really good to get the hell out of here those two days. As beautiful as it is here, it is so far off the beaten track, I might as well be living on an island. So yesterday was fun, as Mardelle from Chicago was in town and Susan and I met her at Undertown, a very cool cafe in Port Townsend. It literally is under the town, under one of the old streets of Port Townsend and it also serves as an art gallery, with frequently changing exhibits. The seating is wild too, everything is different, as if they got the furniture from the thrift store! But it fits with the old brick walls, exposed electrical and utility fittings. Oh, and they have great coffee too.
Dr. Jadin got back to me about the meds and I have to have more tests to find out if I need to continue with the treatment. I hope I don't! But will set up with the local clinic where I can order the tests myself and then email the results to her in South Africa. It will be very cool if I can just handle this all through diet and exercise. Just means I have to be even more diligent about it, forcing myself out every day to walk my 3.5 miles, but I draw the line at walking in the rain! That's another reason I must get good at the yoga poses, then on rainy days I can still get the exercise I need.
Philosophers Notes are awesome! I am really enjoying them and getting so much out of them. Especially reading as many as I am to catch up, it really immerses me in a positive mind set, there's no room to get depressed or anxious about anything. Very cool. This Einstein quote really sums up what the notes are all about: 
"The problems we face today cannot be solved from the same level of thinking that created them."  Albert Einstein
Your thoughts become things, so choose the good ones.