The Push

So now it begins...

I want to be out of here by the end of September, beginning of October, regardless of whether the house is rented. I had some people who I thought were going to take it, and then they vanished! Amazing!

So I have spent several days, and will spend several more, getting ready for a garage sale next weekend. I cannot believe the stuff I have to sort through. This is a REAL garage sale, with such an eclectic selection of stuff, it's not funny! From paints and boat stuff to candles and christmas decorations and anything else you can think of. There isn't a kitchen sink, but there is a birdbath. Trying to put a price on things is a challenge but I am getting there. Some of the boat stuff, I come in and check prices on the internet, then discount madly and that's what it is. Chris left a LOT of stuff. Just stuff. I am taking as little as possible with me. Everything is for sale except my bed and kitchen stuff.

I have no emotional attachment to anything, really. I just know it is time consuming and expensive to replace a kitchen, and Sleep Number beds are outrageously expensive so will deflate mine and take it with me.

Several neighbors area also having garage sales this weekend so I hope we have a good turnout. If everything doesn't go, then I will do it again just before I leave.

And I have other stuff to get done - like last year's taxes - and packing and finding a place to live down there. At least, I am not taking the antibiotics this week so I can have a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Days are getting shorter, and there is a nip in the air at night, although we have been have the most amazing weather. If it was like this all year, or even half the year, I would not be leaving. The days are sunny and warm, around 70F (16C) and the night are getting down to mid-forties (6C) and we have had NO rain. Which we actually need. Everything is bone dry.

Next week I am going back down to SoCal - it is Oliver's first birthday and I can't miss that. And I will be looking for a place to live. Then I will come back up here, pack things up (as little as possible) load Hinkley and Buddy in the car and head south. I am going to miss my friends up here, but I just cannot do another winter. I don't understand people who love this climate of gray, mist, cold, wet... how depressing is that!