The latest project ... Senior Sailors

It's such a pleasure working with an editor I can just email and say - hey what about this? And get a response - "Love it! How many words?"

Now I'm working on a story about "Senior Etchell Sailors!" Of course, Chris is not happy about the concept even though, at 56 he is the youngest one out on the course!

These sailors out of Port Ludlow are diehards! They sail nine months of the year, and usually even if it is pouring. Although they have been know to woos out if it gets too bad. It's a fleet of 11 boats with both men and women sailors. The range of experience is wide - from novice sailors to world-class racers like Chris and a couple of others, so it makes for some interesting sailing. But even more interesting is the range in life experiences these people have. So the story is not about sailing, but about the fleet and the sailors themselves, and how even though they may be considered "old" by the youthful rock star sailors, they still get out there and have a lot of fun.

Last Thursday I went out on the committee boat - a little skiff with, fortunately, a small dodger as it got a bit wet out there. It was the first race of the season and they had a nice breeze and some good sailing. In between mark roundings, we (on the committe boat) headed out to the rocky islands and the guys went fishing! Ling cod and rock fish. Lots of bites and a couple hooked but they fish for fun so released both catches. One - they think was a flounder - took the lure, snapped the line - bam! Apparently the hooks are steel and the fish have some sort of chemical in them that causes the metal to dissolve in a day or so - so I didn't feel too bad for the fish.

Tomorrow I will go out again and hopefully, we will have a bit of sun so the pix are a bit more appealing. Not so gray, but the forecast says rain - again.

Went to the opthamologist today for a check up - it's been two months since he saw me after my eyes started going bad and there has been no change which is excellent news. Then I went for blood work - a 12 hour fast beforehand. I see Dr. Lynn next week and hopefully the SED rate will be normal and he will reduce the prednisone. But I have not been feeling all that hot for the last week so hope nothing has flared up. I feel slow today because I drank too much wine with Susan and Janet last night at our "Scrabble" evening. The only thing scrabbled today is my brain!