The Back Yard Defeated Me.

The grass was thigh high - and wet!

Yesterday, I managed to weed whack the front yard at the Port Angeles house with my little weed eater. I resorted to that because the grass was too long for the mower. Poor thing, it was laboring away and then even the weed eater had issues at times.

But the back yard? Forgetaboutit!

It was so tall and so heavy and wet, I gave up, defeated, and will have to hire someone with the right equipment to do it. Gulp! But he/she will have to take a bunch of junk away too. Like an old sideboard, leaning and rotting against the fence and other miscellaneous stuff that is hiding in the tall grass.

The only ones who will be sad to see it go are the neighborhood kitties who play out there in their own private jungle. So cute - and several of them.

The rest is coming along well. A bonus with the bath which is disastrous and I thought I would have to pay $500 to get resurfaced. I looked closely at the peeling surface and thought, "This doesn't look like epoxy," (too much boating time) and so tested the surface with a water-soluble paint remover - and voila! bubble bubble and off it came. So that is my project tomorrow. The surface underneath doesn't look too bad - a lot better than peeling paint.

So it's looking like basic cleaning and painting and it will be ready. Besides the prepping for the paint - spackle etc.

Took a For Rent flyer to the Peninsula College this morning to be approved and placed on the Housing board. What a beautiful location! On top of the hill, with sweeping views of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island to the north and behind the buildings, the still-snow capped Olympics. The house is exactly a mile away, so easy walking for students. I also placed an ad in the local paper to run this weekend.

So I am hoping that I will get lots of calls and can pick and choose who I rent to; but will be happy with just one qualified tenant who pays up front and on time every month.