Tauranga Farmers Market

Beautiful fresh asparagus We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to go to the Farmers Market. Clear, sunny and around 70. Absolutely ideal.

The groundsThe market is on the Elementary School grounds and is much larger than I expected! And very well attended, too. What a variety of goods. From basic organic veges to lamb and cheeses and lots of dips, artisan breads, nuts and spreads... and macadamia liqueur! Oh yes, very, very yummy. And a cider stand with a very good light cider, lower alcohol than the ones in Washington and we are going to go out for a tasting at the cidery some time. Olive oils

Chatted to fellow who has an olive orchard who is going for organic and biodynamic certification and hopefully we can get out to Katikati where he is - good article for ecology. I just have to study up on biodynamic farming before I go!

2013-11-23 10.44.50There was also a chai stand and I sampled there - very good and I picked up some good tips to improve my mix that I make when I have a home. We also watched a very good cooking demonstration buy a celeb chef called Peter Blakeway. He made smoked scallop sliders!


And we bough bacon - real bacon! Not the fatty streaky bacon we get in the US. This is bacon that has heft! I think we will have bacon sandwiches on the organic chiabatta loaf we bought for lunch today. Maybe a little of the slightly spicy vege spread?

Notice the bare feet! Love it!

I've noticed how friendly everyone is; the stall holders are all very open and appear happy to be there, enjoying the crowds even though they must get tired of the same old questions! And it's not just at the market. Everywhere we go, bus drivers, shop assistants, I haven't been dissed yet!