Taking steps

I've decided on the Spanish school I want to go to in Bocas del Toro. It is called Spanish by the Sea  and they have a hostel attached - one option - or I can do a homestay or go to a B&B. The course will probably be about 4 weeks and within that time, will find a place to rent. Susan will most likely be down the first part of December so I hope to have found a place by then. There are some pix of Bocas Town here. Love those beaches! The classes are five days a week, four hours each day so that will give me time to explore and decide what part of the island/town is the best place for me to live. It will need to be close to town, if not in town, as we will be riding bikes or walking. The island itself is only eight miles long so getting around isn't an issue. There are taxis as well if there are groceries but will most likely have a bike with a basket on the front and a carrier on the back! Then I'll need a poodle to ride in the front with a ribbon in its hair! Not!

It looks like most of the places to rent are completely furnished, which will suit us perfectly. I'm only taking one suitcase which will have my Kangen water machine in it as the water on Bocas is not good and I don't think I can live without the machine!

I've cut out one dress so making some progress there. Now just have to put it together! I haven't sewed for so long, I hope I haven't forgotten how.

Flights are my next mission - whether to fly to Panama City then to Bocas or go through San Jose, Costa Rica which is most likely less expensive. There is a flight from San Jose directly to Bocas so it's a good option.

On a stateside note, it is crab season! Joe (next door neighbor) dropped off two enormous Dungeness last week! Oh my! So we are loading up Chris' boat and taking a couple of traps out - after we get licenses! - today so hope to stock up the freezer. I have to find a good recipe for crab cakes in case boredom sets in from having fresh crab every day. Darn!