Well, I suppose you could call it sun but it is so watery it barely warms the skin. Not that I have that much skin showing as it is still in the 30's. But at least I got out and went for a 30 minute walk and looked at our new purchase up on the hill. It is what it is, an old double-wide but the view and potential are wonderful. It actually gets more light than our house. When we replace it with a "real" house, the value will soar.

Last night was Scrabble night - boy, I thought I had a good voacabulary, but Scrabble has it's own language. Of course, I challenged spellings and lost! The Scrabble dictionary has some really weird words and weird spellings for others, like ghi for ghee. And all these two-letter words! And apparently people who play a lot, memorize the damn dictionary! And they don't care what the words mean! Now how on earth can you know a word and not know what it means? But still know how to spell it? Very odd! But the game was fun, and just the fact that we actually played was amazing. We've had so many evenings that we said were "Scrabble nights" at Janet's house and we end up sitting around drinking wine and yacking and never even see the board!

I'm reading "Ask and it is given," along with various other detective stories. But this book is really good - it's all about the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you really want. And it works! Susan has been reading it and working the processes and yesterday, after a long, dry spell, she wrote and got accepted, two offers! It's basically about thoughts being things, and how we direct our thoughts that then create the vibrations that attract our experiences, whether good or bad. So be careful what you think about, you're going to get it! Make it good.

Along the vibrational level, I'm still getting my morning remote reiki treatment from Zoze! Seven o'clock am our time and five pm her time, we meet and she does her thing and I sit and relax (generally more asleep than awake.) It's an interesting experience - sometimes I definitely feel the energy from her and other times there's nothing. But I know it's there and it certainly can't hurt anything. And tomorrow I will go to see Teresa again for more Body Talk.

It's almost 5pm and it's still light! The trees are starting to bud and I haven't finished pruning them! I think that will have to be a project for this weekend - if it doesn't rain. I don't know if we'll ever get the patio done, the seawall is moving but slightly so I think it is going to need some help before we can anchor it again. But this weather has not been conducive to working outside.

And I have to remember that it is winter. And have to think about that as I do the research and plan for the trips I need to do for this Best Places Northwest travel guide book project. They want me to do SW Washington too, which is great but definitely going to take a lot more time. It's a good 5 hours from here so will end up spending the nights places and I think I will do two or three 4-5 day trips. I think they will be towards the middle of February once I have made all the connections I need to make it worth while. It sounds like a really fun place to go. There are vineyards and lots of historic towns, the Lewis and Clark trail and a project called the Confluence Project, "The Confluence Project involves unprecedented interpretive artwork by artist Maya Lin. Confluence Project works, which may include both building and landscape designs as well as integrated artwork, will be located at key confluences of the Columbia River and its tributaries. The Confluence Project—like Lewis and Clark's journey—will explore possibilities for a better future. Through place and art, the project's goal is to reflect a consciousness of the tremendous changes set in motion by the Corps of Discovery in the Northwest—on its native people and environment." And in Pacific County, along the coast there are dozens of murals painted on the walls of the town buildings. Just lots of cool things to see and do.

I got Cathy's wedding invitation in the mail today and wish I could go. March 25, Biff's birthday. It would be so much fun, seeing everyone again but right now I don't see it happening. But if I practise what I am reading (above) then maybe it will, if I really want it and the vibes are right.