Sunday at Baynesfield

Woke up to the sound of the doves coo cooing as the sun rose on a beautiful day.

Mick and Debbie cooked up a great big Sunday breakfast that we had out on the verandah, even though it was a bit chilly. It was so pretty out there, we didn’t want to waste the day inside.

Today is the day I move to Biff’s house. So I packed up some of my stuff, and as I didn’t know which car he would be driving, the Morgan or the classic Mercedes 200, I put everything in small bags so it could go behind seats if it was the Morgan.

We planned to meet him and Zoze and Bryan at Baynesfield, which is an historic home that has been turned into a museum and is also the home of the Antique Tractor and Machine Club. I don’t think we would have been able to get the men to go out there if there weren’t engines to look at. It was just a half hour drive from

Mick’s and the others were already there. Beautiful drive through miles of sugar cane fields that roll to the horizon. Closer to the house, the fields were all “mielies” or yellow corn that was completely dry and ready for harvest for the “mielie meal” or grits to be milled.

The house and grounds are lovely – manicured lawns and lots of outbuilding that house all sorts of collections. One of the collections is wood working tools that are phenomenal. I have never seen such a huge collection of planes and other hand tools that I couldn’t identify. A friend of

Bryan’s, Ken Tebbit, is a master wood worker and has been collecting stuff for eons. He is 81 and as much in love with his work as he was when he was kid. He has his collection in what was the original house, all stone and very primitive but very photographic.

It was a bit of a craft fair and farmers market too, so there were lots of stands with people selling all kinds of stuff, from colloidal silver to used books to home made aprons and African bead work. And of course, lots of food. You will see in the pix, Mick is eating something called a bunny chow which is a half loaf of white bread hollowed out and filled with curry. I don’t think you will find one of those anywhere else in the world! I of course, had samoosas.

Going home, we went the old road – it has not changed at all, fantastic views over the Valley of 1000 Hills – open land, so you feel like you can breathe. So now I am Biff’s and hoping my magic jack works for Mother’s Day calls from the boys.

More pix here