Summer Lingers On

Our summer is going on and on and on...and you don't hear me complaining! In fact, you don't hear anyone complaining about the 70+ days of dry, sunny weather we are having.

But the days are definitely getting a lot shorter - and despite the moderately warm days, the nights are decidedly nippy. As the sun drops closer to the top of the hill, the temperature drops ten degrees - instantly.

Mornings need the heat on and windows closed until mid-morning. And oh the colors, though! Morning warm colors lighting the trees across the estuary, and the air so still the water is like glass with barely a ripple.

Betsy arrived on Tuesday and every day has been perfect. She is saying if the weather doesn't change, she is never going to believe my whining about the gray, the cold, the damp! I just looked at the forecast and it looks like the next two weeks are going to be good with perhaps the chance of a shower or two. But the telling factor is the falling night time temperatures; down to the 30s in two weeks. Bbbbbrrrrrr....

We've been out and about a bit - this morning at the farmers market (photos) and then lunch at the Blue Moose Cafe with a beer at the brewery after that. More activity than I normally have, but we are both on very tight budgets so watching pennies. Tomorrow, if we don't go out to Port Angeles to see the house and tenants, we'll go back up to Port Townsend to watch the Kinetic Skulpture Race - a typically bizarre Port Townsend event.

I added a new title to my list of jobs - Editor of Harbors Magazine and Around the Pacific Northwest magazine. Both are run by the same publisher who is local in Port Townsend. Both are quarterly mags, so there isn't a huge amount of work although from the first drafts of some of the articles I've seen, it might take me longer than anticipated! Some of the writing is atrocious! Anyway, it should be fun and I hope to get a couple of trips out of it, which will add to the benefits. A seaplane flight up into the islands would be good!

Ecology is still waiting... and waiting... and waiting. The BIG investor meeting is supposed to be next Saturday which apparently is the make it or break it point, so we are holding thumbs that something comes of it. I REALLY want it to work as it feels like the right place for me to be. Then, when that back pay comes through, I can get the repairs on the house done and get it rented out and maybe out of here by the dead of winter. At least that is the current plan but it all hinges on ecology. Otherwise, looks like I will be here for the duration.

If that is the case, then I will unpack my boxes (still stored and hidden away) and hang all my pictures and put out all my stuff so it feels like home.