Summer - Here But Fading

I'm a slacker, I admit! It just seems like I have been chasing my tail for a few weeks and haven't taken the time to sit down and write.

It really was hectic for a while, and it really brought home to me the fact that it is not how I want to live, or for that matter, CAN live! After a trade show of five days, working long days in the water store, then another trade show ( the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival) I was exhausted. It took me three days of being home, pretty much doing nothing, to recover. Of course it's important (make that VERY important) to make a living, but not at the expense of my health. It's a good thing I didn't go for that 'real' job as editor of a local newspaper down near Gig Harbor. I probably would have lasted a week before I collapsed!

The good news is the weather has been phenomenal! We got such a late start to summer and now it is stretching on and on. It can stretch forever as far as I'm concerned! Days are mid-70s, nights in the 40s, clear and sunny and bright. Although the last week the trees have started turning, days are definitely shorter and there is a bit of a nip in the air. The Farmers Market yesterday was spectacular. The colors just popped - you can see my album here. And today is the Farm Tour, which I have never done because the weather has always been so bad, I couldn't imagine anything less fun than slogging around a farm in the mud and rain and cold. So this is going to be a real treat.

The house in Port Angeles is rented and rent paid - finally after some glitches in the bank transfer (the U.S. has such an antiquated banking system; it took 7 days for the transfer to happen). I haven't been out to see what they have done - painting etc - but am going to try to get there the end of this week. If that will just keep ticking over I will be happy!

I have been doing quite a lot of cooking as I find it very relaxing. Although, there are usually so many damn leftovers that I end up eating the same thing for days. Some things I freeze but like the cheese straws I made the other day - it's dangerous having all those around so gave half to Susan! Yesterday I used a Tomato Chutney recipe from The Recipe Book - this is the handwritten/old newspaper clipping book that Zoze sent from New Zealand. It lived with us all our childhoods in South Africa! We think the original recipes were written by our great grandmother Regina Rosenstein Poole because the book is dated 1865. I'm working on creating an e-recipe book, tracing the family/foods up til now. So the chutney was a start, using the tomatoes and apples from the garden. It is delicious, but I think I am going to find a lot of differences as I go through it. The first one is a lot more salt was used back then! So I am going to have to adjust for that as I go on. But it is so much fun, and many of the recipes bring back memories of growing up at the "old house." Making marmalade, birthday cakes, lemon curd...

I have my own recipe book I started back in the early 70s and the e-book will pick up some of these too and I hope to add Zoze's and the rest of the family's recipes too, as it seems that most of us have our own books! A real project, but what fun!

Hope is still alive with ecology and we continue to post while funders mull over how much and when! I enjoy doing it so rather than sit around twiddling my thumbs, I surf the web and find interesting articles that I can use - this way Jane and I have been keeping the site alive. As we keep saying - Hope Springs Eternal.

Oh and some of the best news - my goddaughter Catherine is engaged! I met Anton when I was home at the beginning of the year. I don't know yet when the wedding is but I better start saving so I can attend the shindig!