Summer has arrived

It's about time! It's wonderful waking up to clear blue skies and moderate temperatures! I can sleep with the windows open and get up at the crack of dawn and not freeze. Flowers are out everywhere and the cherries on the tree are ripening rapidly. If the weather was like this year round, I would have absolutely no complaints. But alas... we get - maybe - eight weeks and already the days are getting shorter. Gawd, what a horrible thought!

I was working away yesterday when I looked out the window and saw a mother coyote and five babies cavorting on the far shore of the estuary. So cute! Momma looked a little thin and harrassed - and well she should be with that big a brood (today I saw there were actually six) and daddy nowhere in sight to assist. The kits were playing just like puppies and she had to try to keep them under control - what a treat to watch.

My current project is the dredging of our marina - I'm doing it for the Port Townsend Leader and will post it when it gets published next week. I've also been working on the Valid magazine project of Ryan's as they launch in early July and I want to make sure that the editorial is good. So have taken that on and it is turning out to be much more of a project than I anticipated but it will be well worth it. Some of the articles - or the subject matter - is scary. I don't remember my peers being so depressed or having to deal with the issues that these girls do. I am editing some of them quite heavily for content and language and oh my! the grammar! I annot believe that some of these girls made it to college. The articles I've been getting from Canadian and English girls is 150% better. Our education system ( along with all the others) is in complete disarray.

I've been sitting here at the office working on the dredging article and now I am going home to take advantage of our fleeting summer.