Still waiting

It's almost the end of October and we still have no confirmation whether we have a boat or not. Linda from who has a 60+ ft catamaran is considering taking us. That will be a lot different from a bareboat charter but we would also get a lot of local knowledge thrown in. The boat is based in the Bay Islands which means we wouldn't go to Rio Dulce - that would be a bummer but...- there would be a lot of pluses. Thsoe being I wouldn'nt have to cook! and the navigation in those iffy waters would be handled.
I think that even though it would be great to go on a crewed boat, I would rather be on a bareboat. There is so much more freedom and crewed boats bring back memories of my time as a charter boat crew/cook and the weird and demanding people we had to deal with. But we can't be choosers on this one - at least not at this point.
I was concerned when Wilma blasted through the Yucatan that she might slip further south and then I would be looking at a story about damage from Mitch and Wilma! But fortunately they appear to have escaped the storm. As far as the rest of the planning goes, I am still researching Nicaragua but can't book anything until we hear about the sailing part of the trip. As the weather cools down here - it's 31F this morning - it becomes more and more apparent to me that I need to be where it's warm! My brother is visiting from South Africa and we went out to the west coast of Washington to a beautiful area called Kalaloch (pronounced claylock) for a couple of days. It's gorgeous out there - spectacular cliffs, furious seas and howling winds - and temperatures that plummet at night! And rain! The Hoh rainfores which is adjacent gets something like 185 inches a year! So you can imagine how wet it can be. There was a magazine in the cabin - Caribbean getaways or something - and I thought "Now that is more my style." But regardless, it was a good trip and fun spending time with Mick. It's an interesting phenomena - out on the west coast for about 30 miles or more around the lodge, there is no cell phone reception and again I realized how tied we are to these gizmos. And how tied we are to work! But then when I was able to let that go (after using a land line!) it was so relaxing and I remembered what it was like to not have an electronic leash! But on the other hand we wouldn't have been able to leave and take off like that without them seeing as there was no one in the office and we need to keep things moving. So they are definitely a mixed blessing!