Still Here

coyote puppies Well, I'm still here in the dreary Pacific Northwest and it sort of looks like I will be here - again - for a while.

As you know, Chris did a skipping act out of here, leaving the house and cats and an awful mess. The physical messes are cleaned up but his departure really and truly screwed me up financially, which I think was his intention. There is no way I can hold onto the house myself so it looks like I am back to the "stay here until the banks take it' mode.

It's not all bad! With summer supposedly here - we've only had a couple of days of sun and temps over 65F (18C) - and the flowers are battling to bloom, I am enjoying being in one place for a while and not living out of a suitcase. Although all my "stuff" is still in boxes in the attic and I haven't decided if I am going to take them down - or not!

I'm enjoying the wildlife - yesterday was so entertaining with the little coyotes playing on the bank across the water. It's not just coyotes, either. There is the otter family that fish the estuary and pick mussels from the docks; the osprey who appears every evening around five to fish; the deer with her two fawns that I saw the other day; the raccoons; the bald eagles, kingfishers, hummingbirds, "swifty-swallowy" birds nesting under the dock ramps; the black bears and cougars that I haven't seen yet! My own little nature reserver.

My new camera is quite amazing as I shot this video and am thrilled at the resolution. Although you don't see the Mama in the video, she was sitting quite a long way away, keeping an eye on the kids!

Of course, now the trick for me is to make a living.


I have started selling on ebay! I thought, "What can I do that won't cost me anything to start, that I can do without any training, that will make me some money quickly?"

Then I thought of all Chris' clothes and books in the garage. He spent so much money on clothes, always thinking he was so dapper, so I found a lot of Hawaiian shirts and some golf shirts still with the tags on. Photographed them - again, I love my new camera! - and posted and since then have sold one, bidding happening on the others and I have several more to put up there today. Whether this is the right niche or not, I don't know but it's a start while I figure out what's hot and what's not!

And I am doing the Kangen water business again, (this links to Jim's site, as I don't have mine anymore) manning the water stores in Poulsbo and Port Townsend. And there is a new one opening in Sequim which I will sit as well. The good thing about that is, it's not that busy, there is wi-fi so I can still work, and when customers do come in and they buy, or try the water, they are mine.

And it gets me out of the house! So I won't get cabin fever!

Mick has sold my little car in South Africa! An Indian fella bought it, came with cash in hand so that will be wired to me next week. Means I won't be quite so broke, taking some of the stress off! Thank you, Mick!

Oh, and I filed a Small Claim against Chris, have sent the filing to him which has not acknowledged receipt of, which means he probably won't show up and a judgement will be issued against him. How stupid of him! But it's about time he was held responsible for his irresponsibility. No one but himself to blame on this one. I have done everything by the book, so there is no comeback.

As a friend said, "Time for him to 'man up.'"