Spring? Well, almost

It's sunny again! Woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, all the lovely pinks and oranges - and a frosty garden! But at least it's bright out. And there are signs of spring, a bit early to actually expect anything to come of them, but there are daffodils pushing their leaves up and some of the trees have new leaves trying to show. Even my little lilac tree (all 3 small branches) have sprouts. So this is a good thing.

I've been helping Chris on the boat he is building. It's a stitch-and-glue panga and he has cut out all the pieces and built the frame that all the plywood bottom and sides have to go on. So I figured it was just like making a dress! Haven't done any sewing for ages but the skill never leaves, rather like riding a bike. So we had to figure out how to attach these 20-foot long pieces of plywood to this frame, bending and making it fit. It is quite a project and we thought we had it at one stage. It was tacked together with wire ties and then all of a sudden, it let go and sprang apart so we had these huge pieces plywood shooting all over the garage! So we got it back together and now we have to attach the sides. Never thought I'd be back doing boat work again.

Went to the doctor again yesterday for a check up and we are back at "Well, we really don't know what's going on," as my blood tests are normal and he doesn't seem to think that the relapse I had was a relapse. So now I am back to this limbo land, on a lower dose of prednisone and waiting to see how I feel. I've been walking a bit, 20 minutes or so each day, certainly not power walking but at least going out and doing it. Yesterday, I went up by the new property and then down to the water. It was such a low tide that I walked along the beach and came out at our neighbors property and up the stairs to our house. Later, when I went out to get the kitties inside, they came up the same stairs from the beach, with little sandy paws!

Last night I made the most devine salmon and corn chowder. I found two recipes and sort of combined them and it came out so well! I could live on it!

Still waiting for my comp letter from Best Places before I start organizing my trips as I really need to be legitimate. I've done a lot of the research but really can't proceed until I get it. Oh well... Standard publishing glitches. I put the old Belize Journal up as a blog and it was so much fun reading and reliving all of that trip. I just want to go do it again!