Spring has Sprung

Finally! It looks like spring showed up on the right day. In like a lamb - and hopefully not out like a lion!

Yesterday was one of those classic northwest days - brilliant sunshine, clear air, crisply outlined snowcapped mountains. It was even warm enough to drive with a window open, a first for the year. Standing out by the plum tree, it was humming so loud from the bees busy in the flowers, that it could have taken off!

It is absolutely amazing what a difference sun and light makes to my psyche. I feel so much healthier, more alive and altogether better. It gets more and more obvious to me that I live in the wrong climate! Even visiting the accountant who told us how much tax we have to pay, didn't dampen my joy in the sunshine.

And talking about taxes...damn, the government takes a lot and of course this past year we didn't have things set up right to take advantage of too many of the loopholes and ways to get around paying! For one thing, we didn't know we would make so much! But looking on the positive side of things - we have a good accountant now who can help us get set up this year. And I am also grateful that we made so much money that we have to pay so much! The Law of Circulation - gotta keep the money moving, although I don't necessarily need help from the IRS to do that! So we won't be able to buy three houses now, only two! Oh damn!

My health continues to improve - next week I go in for a battery of
blood tests again and then I hope the following week the doc lowers the prednisone again. Then maybe this weight I have added, the awful bloating that comes with prednisone, will begin to fall off. I have been doing some walking, when it is not raining (yesterday was wonderful, down at the beach) so am doing everything I am supposed to do to get better. Prescription drug, supplements, correct food, meditation, exercise - so I should be the healthiest person in the world!