Something I have put off for ages

I started a yoga class! Finally! It's been something I have been threatening to do for years. Not only will this be good for my body, but my mind too. It makes me get out of the house at least twice a week and go to Port Townsend. Otherwise, unless I have something specific that needs to be done, I am here in the house, alone on the sand spit, with my kitties. Not good.

So when I saw the class advertised through the the local community college, at a very reasonable rate, I immediately (well, not right away) signed up. It is held in a wonderful old building in Fort Worden at the Madrona MindBody Institute. It is the original gym and it has been restored beautifully as you can see from the picture - this is the room where the class is held. Ceilings have to be 15 feet high and lovely wood floors. The windows are original and you can see how the glass has slipped - the bottom of the panes are waffly where the glass is thicker!

Poor kitties are not feeling good today, I took them for their shots yesterday and they have really been knocked for a six! Buddy had to have a sedative before we went to the vet as he is petrified in the car - throws up and poops! - but it lasted well into the evening. Poor boy was wobbling around all over the place, couldn't stand up. And today they are both just sleeping and not eating - something very unusual for them. But as we are always told, "It's for your own good." And I know they will be just fine by the end of the day.

The site is slow, but that doesn't mean I don't have things to do! Just not packing enough orders but I understand there is a PR firm coming on board to help with that. And I am working on the Dockside site plan but Scott is away in Minneapolis for his 60th birthday so will have to wait until he gets back. But if he wants the site up and running by April 1, he is going to have to get on the stick and commit.

It is brighter today - and we are supposed to be a little drier for a few days. It really hasn't been THAT cold, more spring-like temperatures, just very soggy. Too soggy to walk but at least now I will be doing the yoga - so off I go to get ready!