So much estrogen!

I was sitting here doing this entry and looked out and there was Mr (or Ms) Heron sitting on the dock and had to take a pix!

I can't believe I got to the cookie exchange and I hadn't put a card in the camera so couldn't take any pix. And believe me, there would have been some good ones. With 17 women, a teenage girl and a 15 month old girl, there was enough estrogen floating around to scare away any man who came within 10 miles of that place.

But it was a lot of fun and a lot of effort was put into making 15 dozen cookies. There were stories of running out of everything when making the damn things. Some that didn't turn out and some that were flops. But the whole thing was getting together and I met up with friends I hadn't seen for years. But next year, if it happens again I think we will limit it to 6!

I'm easing back into work a bit, being careful not to get hooked in. And we are working on getting the little place bought that we have an offer on. So that's taking up a lot of time but I don't mind working on that sort of thing for investments, I just get tired of being in the office with a bunch of buyers with no money. Oh well...

I went to meet with Teresa who does Body Talk therapy. Pretty interesting stuff and we did the whole process. It took about half and hour or so and we supposedly connected links that weren't connected. Of course, you don't feel anything but Teresa said my body worked really hard! For a while after, I didn't have much of a headache and they seem to be easing up a bit. I suddenly realise that my head doesn't hurt, instead of feeling it all the time. A good thing. I still get really tired but I think I am getting better there too. It's such a slow process that sometimes it's hard to judge. I will step down the prednisone again tomorrow so will be down to just 20 mg. Another 10mg to go after that to get to the maintainance dose.

It was interesting at the cookie exchange, several women who know I haven't been well wanted talk about being sick. I just want to think about being well and healthy and I really had to try to put them off. After all, thoughts are things and if I think about and focus on being un-well, then that's what will happen and I'll be damned if I go back to that state! I don't do that. But I suppose some people like to feel miserable and they wanted to tell me their stories and I didn't want to listen. And one of them, kept trying to tell the other how sick I had been and all I could say was how much better I am and how well I am doing! Sheesh!

I don't know what we will do about taking a trip. It's getting close to the time we would have been leaving for Nicaragua. But I don't want to go on that sort of trip if I can't travel the way I like to, especially in a new country where I really want to explore. Chris doesn't seem phased at all about not going but I am disappointed. I know that as the year progresses and the business picks up like it always done, out getaway opportunity will diminish and we won't get a trip in at all.

I've been talking to the editor of the Best Places Northwest Guide Book and might have the chance to do the Olympic Peninsula section. That could be a lot of fun, not much money but lots of comped hotels, restaurants etc. So that might end up being my trip this year! I suppose it could be worse.

So I better get my day started - well, the work day anyway, I've been up since 4:30.