So Here For the Summer

The house is clean, the yard semi-done but this time of year, it seems like it constantly needs care. The main reason I am here, the kitties, are fine. They were sort of freaky when I first got here. I think Chris was not here much at all - from their behaviour and the state of the place.

It is just amazing to me that someone can spin out like that, be totally illogical and paranoid. This episode is far worse than any I have experienced around him - and I have seen a lot! All because he didn't want to sign a rental agreement! Oh well, his loss.

So I have a roof over my head and a place for the summer. Then who knows?

It's been raining for the last couple of days and not getting much above 55F (12C) so not pleasant at all. However, this hasn't stopped the osprey from fishing. Every evening, around 5 he shows up (or she, not sure!) and cruises and fishes the estuary. The image is shot with my new camera, zoomed to 600! Pretty amazing for a little camera like this! Love it!

I keep hearing that ecology is going to produce and keep holding the vision but my enthusiasm for the project is waning. So once again, looking for something else to do! But it is very discouraging - same reasons as always - bad economy, wrong age, wrong industry. But will keep on keeping on.

I think when the weather improves, I will feel better.

On a more cheerful note, Ryan is doing fantastically well as is Cody! So then I think - what else really matters?