Snow... and more













Car sold - check

Money in the bank - check

Loan mod papers signed and notarized - check

Kangen machine packed - check

Tickets are booked - checked

Winter storm - check - oh damn!

Today is/was departure day from here and wouldn't you know it, a huge winter storm, the first (very late) storm of the season blew in last night. Seatac airport is not closed, but they have brought in extra blankets, food etc in case it shuts down and people are stranded.


I was able to change my ticket, courtesy Alaska Air, til tomorrow when the storm will have blown through. Same time, different day. I was even able to change it with no fare increase which is a blessing as I bought one of their special $40 fares during a sale and they honored that. Great airline, good customer service! And I got almost the last seat!

The shuttle service I planned to use to the airport is arranging for a pickup tomorrow but it will be earlier than this one today, which is ok - I'll just sit at the airport and wait. Better than getting snowed in here again.

Packing is a bitch; of course I have too much stuff but now I have an extra day to pare it down a bit. Glad I poured a few gallons of Kangen water into a big jug last night and there is food in the house so just hunker down for the day.