Snakes and Mileage

How many times do you see this in your car?


Today the odometer turned over to 300,000km or 187,500 miles. Not bad for a 1991 VW! I didn't have any champagne or would have poured it over the bonnet! But I did take the slow way, back roads to Howick from Ashburton, so that as the dial hit the big number, I could pull over without getting side swiped by a big rig, or "heavy," as they are known here. So just outside Howick, I pulled onto the grassy verge and immortalized it.

It was good to go back to Ashburton for a few hours. The roofers were here at the B&B and were hellofa noisy! So grabbed my water bottle for a Kangen water refill, and headed down the hill. Mick was home and we had lunch together on the veranda.

Absolutely spectacular weather, it's getting a little chilly now but the sun is gorgeous.

Just before I left, when I went out to get my iPad on the veranda, I saw that Gingi had caught something, and wouldn't you know, it was a snake. I yelled for Mick who quickly picked it up with his bare hands! It was a Philothamnus semivariegatus - Spotted Bush Snake, a beautiful, brilliant emerald green with golden reddish brown eyes. It was very small and very slippery! Needless to say, I let Mick rescue him and put him out of harms way in the orange tree! As pretty as it was, I don't do snakes!