Sleep Over

"Oh, how cute!" Autumn exclaims when she hears Susan, Janet and I are having a sleep over at the house while Chris is away. Or as Cody said, "While the cat's away the mice will play." I hadn't really thought that it was "cute" but I guess when you are 26 and the sleep-veree is 57 (ancient in her eyes, I'm sure!) then it would be "cute!

I had to go to Silverdale to buy some pajamas! And JC Penney was having this huge sale so was able to find a couple of pairs. I probably will never wear them in bed - never could understand why you wear clothes in bed - but they are comfy to wear around the house instead of ugly old sweats!

So, regardless of whether it was cute or not, we sure had fun! We ate wonderful food, drank some - not a lot - stayed up late and talked. And talked and talked. It was such a great, easy freeflowing time. I can't even remember a lot of what we talked about but we went from relationships, to politics to spirituality to real estate and on and on. And it was seamless with no lulls! My iPod created the background music and I had flowers (still have) everywhere and we just gabbed and gabbed. And come midnight, I tucked them into the big California King Sleep Comfort Number bed and we were all asleep in minutes.

Morning came and I had prepared a coffee cake the night before with blueberries we (Janet, Susan and I) had picked last summer, and when the others woke up we sat around the table with chai and coffee cake and gabbed some more. We talked about community and as we get older, where and how we are going to live and we have pretty much decided that we should live together as our men will most likely be gone and none of us want to go to assisted living. Heck, we probably won't be able to afford that. So we think about where its warm, where there is medical care and where we can afford to live.


I see the sustainable community I've thought of for years. It is always in a warm place - I originally thought Costa Rica - and it has a central community building with a big commercial style kitchen, living and dining area, library and bathroom. Each person who is part of the community has their own small, private cottage with bedroom, bath, living room and small kitchen. And the water system is probably a catchment system, the toilets composting, all the greywater would be filtered and used in the vegetable garden. Etc etc etc...And of course it would have to be near the beach - probably can't afford to be ON the beach...

I forget what its like to be around peope for any length of time. I feel so isolated down here. I know that we are in this area for good reasons - close to the office as we tried the commute from Port Townsend and it was just too long, and of course the value has risen and its a cute house. But I miss the social part of being close to friends and being able to grab and hour over a cup of coffee, that sort of thing. From here, it is much more of a mission to do anything. Yes it's worth it but it takes so much of the day just getting there. So I don't know what the compromise is yet.