Second Opinion?

How do you find a specialist when you don't know what's wrong with you?

I've been getting headaches again. Not blinding ones, just nagging and almost constant with the pressure like a skull cap around my head. And my blood pressure was up - 138/100 which is really high for me as my normal is 110/70. And I've turned into a blimp - despite the fact I don't eat a lot and eat so healthy it's sickening.

I went to see my regular doctor but am starting to lose faith in him. My blood test for SED rate (rate of inflammation) was down to 4 - 10 being acceptable - so that was good. But every time I see him, I get the same answer. "I don't know." Well, I want to know!

I'm tired of this. I'm tired of being tired and not knowing why. He asks about my stress level - it's low I think. Chris has been gone for ten days so that certainly lowers the level. I'm working but not too hard. I meditate every day, have my remote reiki treatment, write, play with the cats, take my supplements. So what the hell do I do?

Then I get to thinking - is it all in my head? Am I imagining this? I have a vivid imagination but this is ridiculous! I worry that I am becoming a hypochondriac - but I hate being sick and out of sorts so that surely can't be it.

Is it a build up of stress over the years? Is it worrying about my relationship and where it is going or not going? Is it just worrying?

I am totally frustrated! Betsy's friend's daughter has some sort of weird one too, and is really sick and they still can't find what's wrong with her. I'm not as bad off as she is, but can totally relate to the frustration.