Second Half, SoCal Trip

Well, here I am back in Washington and today the outlook is typically gloomy and drizzly. But fortunately the first couple of days back were clear and warm, so the transition wasn't too traumatic.

Susan and I had such a good time down there at the Straitiff's house. Mel brought Oliver over a lot and the little family came over for Friday dinner before we left. Such an incentive to be near them all. I was just sad that Ryan wasn't around (he was in New York filming a pilot show and comes back today, I think) but at least I got to see him once on the way down.
On Thursday, we went up to Newport to see Betsy, and took the coast route, from San Clemente all the way through Laguna and up to the boat yard. Although it is very crowded, lots of traffic and fancy cars and posturing Newport-ites, SoCal is still a good place to be. There are ways around freeways and places to duck away to, to avoid the masses. And, believe it or not, prices are quite often less than here. Most rentals are higher but not that much more unless you go into the super ritzy areas, and food is way cheaper! And there are Trader Joes everywhere!!!!!

So we watched an Antrim 40 arrive at Basin Marine. The boat is spacy - like an Open 50 but
smaller. It was built for the all-women team, Nauti Chicas, that Betsy sails with, although she won't be sailing with them for a while as she is going to Antarctica to sail there! I know, you are going "Whatever for?" She will be crewing on an expedition boat down there for the season and is busy buying heavy duty polar fleece underwear!!!!
Friday, I picked Mel and Oliver up and they spent the day with us, and Cody came over after work for pizza - which I made and were yummy! What fun to have them all there. Cathy will definitely need to baby proof her house when her grandbaby arrives next year. There were chairs blocking access to things, cookie cutters strewn all over the place, spatulas and bowls strategically placed for his entertainment! The day went by way too fast.
On Saturday morning, we went to see Steve and Cathy's boat in

Chula Vista. A Cal 246 that he has brought back to life and is the perfect cruising boat! I was ready to move on board and take off! That is a lifestyle I really love and would do it again in a heartbeat if there was someone I trusted and who had lots of experience invited me.
Cooked dinner for Straitiffs, had wonderful chats with them, and loaded the little Honda Fit and headed north on Sunday. Two days driving, trading off, 650 miles each day got us home Monday evening. Hinckley and Buddy were sitting in the driveway, almost as if they knew I was on the way. Neither of them pouted, both were really happy to see me and both slept on the bed that night.
I did find out on the trip, that I do have some limitations, which is very frustrating for me as I have always thought I can do anything. Tiredness impacts me. I find that if I go full bore for a few days, suddenly I am so tired I can't do anything, so I have to learn to limit myself (hard to do) and rest. But if this is all I have to deal with, then I am very fortunate.
So now it is all about getting things done to move south, pacing myself.