Same old, same old

I love my kitties!

Harley is so funny. Whenever I can't find her, she is in a basket, curled up somewhere! She loves the laundry basket too, dirty socks and all!

We have all the woven waste paper baskets that I brought back from South Africa and when the kitties were little, they could both fit comfortably. Now they still try to get in together but overflow! Hinckley usually loses out and I find Harley curled up like this, snoozing after a hard day outside in the minus-weather. They are both clamoring at the moment to go out, but it's still pitch black and I don't let them out until it's light - we have lots of raccoons and coyotes around and I don't want them to get into any sort of altercation - they would lose miserably.

I'm having a rough time with my cookie making project. The latest are delicious but... The recipe didn't specify how thick to make the base and it ended up way too thick! So have to start from scratch again today. Don't know what I will do with all that I made yesterday - it seems a shame to throw them out, but they are just too doughy. I don't know why I didn't click that it was too thick when I was making them. I usually have a pretty good sense of how something is going to turn out but this escaped me. Oh well...

I ordered my Christmas present yesterday! It's a drawing tablet that I can use to play artist on the computer. You use a stylus instead of a mouse which gives a lot of control. And you can change the tip to be a brush, pen, pencil etc. I've been spending quite a bit of time playing with Photoshop - but have a long way to go before becoming proficient. But it sure is fun!

Health wise, I have stepped down the prednisone to 30mg but don't really notice any difference. Still getting some headaches and the sort of fullness in my head and pressured feeling when I overdo things or get stressed at all. But I definitely seem to have more energy and am even considering (note: considering) getting out into the freeze for a short walk today. I need to get some decent shoes as my old tennies don't cut it any more. I'll have to make sure I have warm socks and thick gloves and hat and I might even get a balaclava to keep my face warm.

I'll keep you posted.