Ryan Update

Ryan is on the mend but it is going to be a long haul. But he is young and otherwise healthy and determined. I know he is improving because he is getting impatient! I never thought I would see that as a positive indication! He was sleeping when I got there in the early this afternoon. I had woken at 3:30 this morning, got up for a while, had coffee (decaf I found out later - thanks, Betsy) went back to bed around 6 and slept til 9:30. I sat in the chair and watched him, all hooked up to drips and machines that monitor everything. It was heartbreaking, this my oldest little boy who was born in that hospital, just off the critical list with a condition that hit like a sledgehammer, with no warning.

The tumor is called an gastrointestinal stromal tumor. The initial biopsy results are good; non-malignant but all the results are not in yet, so we must wait.

While I was there, the doctor came in and said he is making a fast recovery and they should be able to remove the stomach tube tomorrow. This is what Ryan is complaining about. It goes through his nose into his stomach to keep it drained and it is very uncomfortable. He hasn't had anything to eat or drink since he had surgery on Wednesday and he knows that once he starts to get some real food into his system, he will recover faster. But he has to wait til tomorrow to reach that milestone.

He is up and walking too. We walked around the nursing station twice, avoiding others walking slower! This is essential as it keeps his circulation going and helps expel the fluids from his stomach. I pushed the IV stand along with him, I never ever envisioned this. But I have to keep reminding myself that he is so lucky to have had this happen where he was. If it had happened 15 minutes later, he could have been on the freeway with horrendous consequences. As it was, he was with Randy and close to Hoag Hospital, which is one of the best in the U.S. Ryan said today, not acknowledging the freeway implications, but that if it had happened later, he would have been taken to some god-forsaken hospital in some seedy part of Los Angeles! And what might the results have been? We don't think about that.

So I am staying with Betsy at the "Loveshack" tonight and June (who is Chelsea my old cat's foster mum) has offered me a place while Ryan is down here, bless her! Then when he is released, will go up to Encino. Then Les can go back to work.

And after that...who knows?

I just know that it was essential that I be here and even though it might have seemed a precipitous move on my part given my financial situation, it is the only move that made - and still makes - any sense to me.