Ryan is Home

After 10 nerve-wracking days, Ryan is home and doing amazingly well! Isn't youth marvelous? The final results of the tests showed that the tumor was indeed malignant but the surgeons got it all, with clean margins. They labeled it a low grade gastrointestinal stromal tumor, basically meaning that it was very slow growing and had not spread. So that was the good news. And it is treated with targeted medications that work only on the specific cells in the gut. So no chemo or anything like that. He will take the medications for about a year and apparently, from what they docs say, he should be fine but will need to be checked every year.

It was a very close call and thank goodness he was where he was when it happened. Fifteen minutes later he could have been on the freeway and then that could have been totally catastrophic.

His recovery is amazing. Once they took the tube that went through his nose down to the stomach to keep it drained was removed on Tuesday (I think, lost track of days) and he was able to eat or at least have liquids, the turnaround was very fast. With no food for all those days, he lost 18 pounds! The initial offerings were meager but appreciated and now he is on a "soft" diet which is pretty much everything except raw, hard fruit and veges, nuts and whole grains. After a couple of weeks, he will be back to normal.

I brought him home yesterday to his house in Encino, much to Les and his roommates joy - and Rascal was overjoyed to see him, too. The most difficult part of his recovery I think, is making sure he doesn't overdo things and rests when he needs to. So I hope that going back to work on Monday isn't going to be too tiring for him.

Today I hooked up my Kangen water machine as I want him to have the best nourishment and care he can possibly get. Of course, the tap I wanted to use was an oddball size, so spent the morning driving around to find an adapter. Now its working and I am happy to have my water back.

Tomorrow I was going up to the desert to see Cody and family, but Ryan asked me to stay for and extra day as Les is going to work and he wants me to stay around to help him if necessary which of course I am happy to do.

Next week, I will make plans for the next phase of my life. Right now, I am just so grateful I was able to be here for this horrendous event. I don't think I would have survived staying in South Africa.