Raining Cats and Dogs

It's coming down in buckets! And on our metal roof, it's deafening - but I rather like the sound, although I wish it was a tropical rain and I could go out in it! As it is, although for this time of year, technically it's not cold - about 50F - with the wind factor it feels freezing. But we do need the rain after a couple of years of almost drought. Our acquifers were very low so this should help. And we already have quite a lot of snow in the mountains, a good sign.

Christmas is almost on us - winter solstice yesterday - and it just feels very odd, not Christmassy at all. Having been so out of sorts for what feels like forever, I haven't done anything about the festivities. Gift giving is to a minimum and celebrations are also very low key. I think, anyway, that it is really such a non-event when there aren't the kids around for the excitement. And when religion isn't a big part - well, any part really - of life, then what's the hype? It's more like a time to get together with friends, like Susan and Dan who will come down for the day and spend the night so they don't have the long drive home. We'll have a nice dinner and stuff and hang out. Ryan may be able to come up next week - that's his pressie - and Cody and Melissa are doing the family runaround routine down in SoCal - first to Dad's and then to her parents out in the desert.

I couldn't think of anything to get them as her parents bought them a digital camera - fortunately I hadn't ordered one when I found that out! After much humming and haaaing, I bought them a gift certificate to Benihana's. I talked to Melissa and it got on the topic of they don't go out much as money is so tight and they don't go on dates any more. So this will be a nice date for them - they can go and order whatever they like and it should take care of the tip and everything. Can't wait to hear what it was like. Maybe I'll go to Benihana's one day too! On a date! Ha!

Went to see Dr. Lynn, my regular doctor, yesterday to fill him in on this whole medical thing as he wasn't here when it happened. He has no solutions, other than keeping me on the prednisone 20mg until the end of the month then reducing it to 15mg for another month and then having more blood tests. He is most concerned about the pulmonary embolism and is having the radiologist re-look at the CT scans. He gave me strict instructions to call if there is any change in my breathing etc, so now of course I am all concerned about that whereas I hadn't really thought about it much.

Monday was the first day I really felt better. I wasn't as tired and I just felt good. But then after two evenings out, and a visit to the doctor, yesterday I felt really worn out again. So today I must take it easy. But I have to go grocery shopping and to the accountant to get our finances sorted out for taxes next year. The appraiser was at the other property yesterday so we should hear if it comes in at the right price to move forward on it. It really has a wonderful view so I can just picture a little house up there some day. It feels like it gets a lot more light up there as it is higher than we are and has more windows. But when this house is redone, that should help get more light in here. I particularly feel the lack at this time of year. But days are getting longer now! A couple of month and we will see buds on trees etc. Light at the end of the winter tunnel.